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2019 World Star Chinese Martial Arts Competition

Martial Calligraphy

The World Star Chinese Martial Arts Competition hosted by Wu Martial Arts Association (WMAA) was held at Marriott Westchase Hotel in Houston, Texas. The competition started on April 26th and ended on April 28th 2019. In this event, WMAA hosted workshops and friendly competition to promote Chinese Martial Arts.

This three-day event started with registration and workshops by Master Chun Man Sit on Friday evening. Saturday followed with a full day’s competition and a workshop in the evening from Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang. The event ended on Sunday with workshops from Master George Hu, Master Chun Man Sit, Master Jun Yi Yang and Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang, and concluded with multiple performances and the presentation of the WMAA Scholarship and WSCMA Grand Champion awards ceremony.

The event included 400+ divisions and Grand Champion cups for advanced divisions of traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Modern Wushu, Traditional Tai Chi, Competition Tai Chi and other Internal Styles. There were more than 600 competitors and supporters, and 24 Grand Champion cups and 2 WMAA Scholarship recipients were awarded. We appreciate all the competitors, supporters, volunteers and judges that made this such a successful event.

Hope to see everyone at the 2020 competition!

Ernie Wu
Wu Martial Arts Association